I tried to write something here. I typed and I erased and then I typed again. Other than “CHRISTMAS!!!!” what more really needs to be said? So with out without further adieu I give you a look into our CHRISTMAS!:Dwschristmas-3wschristmas-4wschristmas-5wschristmas-6wschristmas-8wschristmas-10wschristmas-11wschristmas-13wschristmas-15wschristmas-14wschristmaswschristmas-26wschristmas-25wschristmas-24wschristmas-22wschristmas-21wschristmas-17wschristmas-51wschristmas-49wschristmas-45wschristmas-43wschristmas-41wschristmas-39wschristmas-37wschristmas-36wschristmas-35wschristmas-33wschristmas-32wschristmas-31wschristmas-30wschristmas-29wschristmas-28wschristmas-27

Christmas Time Photo Dump…And Stuff.

I feel like I make one of these posts way too often. An apology or an excuse post to why I haven’t blogged in like forever. MY INABILITY TO BLOG WITH ANY SORT OF REGULARITY IS THE REASON WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS! Just kidding:)

But for real, I am sad that I haven’t blogged more…

Since the last time I’ve written finals have come and gone and I am happy to say that I managed to get a B in Chemistry (my first B in college) and it only cost me a couple of buckets full of tears and my sanity. GO TEAM BECCA!

I also, kind of started a business. A work in progress but I hope to see it go somewhere, someday. We’ve also kind of thought about the idea of moving. Nothing set in stone yet, just playing around with it. Moving stresses me out to no end. I swore I would never do it again. I can’t believe we are even talking about it. But we are so there’s that.

I feel like the Christmas season has flown by and I’ve barely been able to experience it. I’ve been posting to facebook because it’s faster but I know I want to preserve these memories here too so I thought I would do my semi regular photo dump!

Hanging lights
I am your father christmas
darth christmas

Basically this whole holiday season has involved us taking the kids somewhere, me trying to get a good picture of them (just one, that’s all I am asking), and them doing everything in their power to make it not happen. Take a trip to Rhema for example:


Also, here are some pictures of the adorable way our kitty sleeps. It’s just too much cuteness!


Look Who’s Back, Back Again! (Hint: It’s The Creepy Elf)

The door appeared this morning. This is the first year that I didn’t have to prompt Jake to look for it. It just appeared and I sat back and waited and sure enough he found it! He was so excited! He started drawing elf hats so he could disguise himself as an elf and sneak through the door in order to get to Santa. I just can’t believe the night and day difference between this year and last year. He was really excited last year but this year’s excitement blows last year’s excitement out of the water!

The door appeared in a different place this year, just like it has every year. And this year Moose (our elf) put a little sign out that said, “elves only”. Good thing too! He must have known how badly Jake would want to travel through that door!

We are all very excited for what Moose has planned for us! Here is a look at all the things that Moose has done in the past!

Magic Elf DoorElves Only

Fall Photo Shoot

It’s rare that I take the kids out for an actual photo shoot. I usually like just taking pictures of them around the house with them doing their thing but I needed to check the lighting at the park and blah, blah, blah long story short I’m probably going to get one of these blown up big on a canvas! Just need to decide which one!

.loveBest friendshand in handleaves all aroundkeep you warmhidingtoo coolshy guyjust kidding!alonetogetherhappy childsurroundedfriends forever