First Snow

I feel like it’s been a few years since we’ve had a snow this early in the year but maybe I am remembering it wrong. Anyway, it couldn’t have been more perfect, well we could have had a little more accumulation than we did but other than that…

The kids had a blast playing in it and this was the first year that they were content to play by themselves so I didn’t have to stand out their freezing my butt off. They chased each other, made snow angels, went down the slide and landed in a soft, wet pile of snow, and giggled like crazy! It was beautiful to watch!

The Final Day – Downtown Disney

This is it, the final Disney post!

We went to downtown Disney twice, once at night and once in the morning. If you are looking for easy shopping with no crowds then the morning is definitely the time to go but if you are looking for atmosphere then the night is the better choice. The twinkling lights in the trees at night are quite magical. Our flight didn’t take off until 3 so we had plenty of time that morning to explore! We went to the Lego store and the kids walked away with some pretty cool sets (and their dad was happy as a lark about it). We rode the merry-go-round and ate delicious sandwiches at The Earl of Sandwich. As we kissed and hugged a lot of statues!

wishesPrincesses are the besta hug for youand a kiss for youand a hug for youhulk impressionand a hug for you toobuildinglegosimaginationlegos for ladyearly morning chocolateearl of sandwhichcheese facemy ladycheese


This little quick service restaurant, tucked nicely into a corner, might be one of my favorites in Disney. The whole feel of it is spot on out of Beauty and the Beast! You can almost imagine Belle right outside, reading a book by the fountain. Also this is the place where Gaston is situated for his meet and greet and he is hilarious! I don’t know if I can say enough good things about it. What I can say is that it had the best pork shank I have ever tasted. So good that we went back and ordered seconds!
Let's eatThere he isGaston'slunchvainbig chair to fillso good we had two

Magic Kingdom – The Last Day

The last day and the first day was by far the most fun we had at Magic Kingdom. This was a short day because of the Halloween party and I think of they weren’t sold out we would have bought tickets to it just to keep on having a great time! We spent a lot of this day seeing some fun characters! The kids were so cute meeting Minnie, Daisy, Goofy, and Donald. I still can’t believe how much they like the Characters and how comfortable they are with them. I was terrified of things like that as a kid. Emma’s main concern when she met Arial was that Flounder wasn’t with her and she was sure Arial was missing her good fish friend. Arial taught Em how to flap her feet like a mermaid and Emma insisted she couldn’t because she didn’t have fins. Ahhhh, it was darling!

We took some time and road a lot of rides we missed the first few days and some favorites. I swear we have adrenaline junkies on our hands. As soon as they get off a rollercoaster they want to hop right back on! Taking them to Universal and Cedar Point when they are old enough is going to be a blast!

And of course we rounded out the day getting soaking wet at the circus! Can’t go to Disney with out that!

Over all we had an amazing trip! So much so that Jonathan is already planning the next. He’s turned into quiet the enthusiast!:D
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