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    My name is Becca and I am a stay at home mom to two little balls of energy! I love photography, crafts, simple living, cooking, home decorating, and so much more! So come on in, take off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile!

I hate moving.

I know nobody really likes it (well maybe there is SOMEONE out there SOMEWHERE who likes it) but I am sure that I hate it more, haha.

We had, what felt like, a never ending closing. We sold the house in 3 weeks and our closing lasted more than twice that. And even though I didn’t pack everything until about a week or so out it felt horrible being in flux that long (especially since I am a creature of routine and order – I NEED it). So needless to say as soon as closing day hit I was ready for everything to go back to normal (a new normal, but still normal). I have spent the last 4 days in a frenzy of sorting, unpacking, hanging, and cleaning. It’s no where near perfect but at least I am not digging out of a box for every single thing. I swear, if I had to say “that’s packed” one more time to Emma should would have screamed. Also, it’s amazing how much happier the kids are now. They didn’t like being in flux anymore than I did but man was it playing havoc on their moods. So even though we hit a couple of really large bumps towards the end of this ordeal, everyone is very pleased with the new house! Here are a few pictures (haha, ‘few’ I can never do a few of anything) of new place. It’s a work in progress but I think it’s going to be quite awesome when it’s all said and done!

Emma thought it was hilarious to play in the boxes.
moving day
Taking a break before packing some more!
a break while moving
Moving is boring!
Moving is boring!

The new digs!

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There is so much light in this house!
wsnew house-20
coffee cart with really bad coffee ‘art’
wsnew house-6
wsnew house-28wsnew house-22wsnew house-27wsnew house-26wsnew house-15wsnew house-14
We went 4 years without a dresser because we used the dresser space in the old room for the office. So when we moved into this house we told ourselves that we would get one. Little did I know how damn expensive they are. So I ended up getting a cradenza or whatever those fancy dancy things are called and using it as a dresser. Super cute and less than half the price!
wsnew house-18
wsnew house-16wsnew house-17wsnew house-21

Not pictured: office (just imagine a bomb went off in a room with a couple of desks, a loveseat, and a couple computers and you’ve got the idea) and the kids and guest bathroom (it’s a room with a sink, tub, and toilet – nothing fancy:))

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    The new place looks AMAZING! Congrats!ReplyCancel

On February 20th my baby turned four. We are in the middle of moving and after a relatively dry winter we are currently getting all the perception in the all the forms all at once so her big party has to wait until closer to the end of March. Instead we celebrated with a small family gathering. A few presents, some pizza, and some cake! She was thrilled. I can’t believe that she is four already, she still seems like such a wee little thing. Happy and sad at the same time, motherhood is such a complex jumble of emotions!



Before I was a parent and even as a parent of a young infant I remember seeing creative children’s Valentine’s Day cards. You know the ones – “You make my heart glow” attached to a glow stick or “You ‘blow’ me away” attached to some bubbles. I would look at those and get so excited to do something fun like that when my kids were in school. I mean, adorable crafts where I get to flex my creative muscles in a fun, themed way!? WHERE DO I SIGN UP!?

What everyone failed to tell me is that, by the time my child was old enough to get to hand out adorable punny valentines, I would be TOO DAMN tired to make the freaking things! It does NOT help that I have another child underfoot trying to “help” and wondering why she can’t have valentines too.

Exhaustion aside,  I rallied and decided to poked around on Pinterest. After an hour or two, and only getting side tracked a couple of times by recipes that promised to make my family worship me and a million and five things that I must make out of old wooden pallets, I found the perfect idea!

My kids LOVE kinetic sand so I just knew that this would be a hit. I wanted to make it my own though so I spent all day with ideas running in the back of my head on how to use the word sand in a valentine. I came up with two – “I love how you under’sand’ me” and “Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s Day “sand” in hand. The husband decided he liked the second one and so I ran with it.

I printed out 24 little cards. I painted and stamped a mildly uncooperative 5 year olds hand 24 times (and it only cost 1 homemade chocolate chip cookie and a broken plate). I cut out 24 hands. Filled 24 cups with 2 oz of sand using SCIENCE! ( Jonathan totally mocked me for breaking out my digital chemistry scale to weigh the sand but we all know he was just jealous!)

And so on and so forth and let’s just save time and say that if you are looking for a quick, cheap, easy and non-tedious Valentine’s Day craft idea then look somewhere else. By the time I got to cutting out my 9th handprint my hand was cramping like nobody’s business and I was whispering mild obscenities under my breath (you know, like you’re supposed to when you are making children’s v-day cards!)

Maybe they weren’t that bad to make and all in all I think they turned out pretty cute and only cost me half an arm and part of a leg (probably around $1 a pop). wsmisc-5wsmisc-8wsmisc-9wsmisc-10wsmisc-11wsmisc-12


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Today was Jake’s 100th day of school! I can’t believe it’s been a 100 days since he started kindergarten. It doesn’t seem like that much time has past since his first day!

He was so excited about it! He came home talking about it everyday for what felt like weeks! I’m very sad to say that he didn’t get to share his project with the class during the 100 days show and tell. I got a phone call right after lunch saying that Jake fell asleep during lunch and isn’t looking well. He has had a cough for weeks that keeps him up at night (and me up at night). He can’t sleep and it’s starting wear him down. We went to the doctor but they said there wasn’t much they could do. So I went and picked him up and he looked so pitiful. His teacher said that he could share on monday so let’s hope he can get some good sleep this weekend and rally! I feel so bad for him.

He did have fun creating his project. It’s a creeper made out of 100 squares. The kid LOVES mine craft!