Flying Out – Using Allegiant Air

I don’t know how many people have heard of Allegiant Air, I just caught wind of them earlier this year, but basically it is a carrier flight that offers fairly inexpensive airfare with a few catches. It flies out from airports only on certain days and only to and from certain cities so it’s very limited in where you can travel. For example the one at our airport only goes from Tulsa to Orlando or Daytona Beach and only flies on Mondays and Fridays. Also, since it’s a smaller airline, if there are any issues that require the plane to be grounded then they can’t just put you on another flight. This is the second time we have flown with them and while it’s pretty much as basic as you can get (the seats don’t recline (or offer any butt padding), no complimentary drinks, no inflight entertainment (unless you count crying/coughing babies)). It is quiet a bit cheaper (about $240 round trip) than other airlines and it runs non stop which is a blessing when you have two tiny little mongrels in tow.

However, because they can’t put you on another flight if problems happen I was very nervous leading up to flying day! So much could go wrong – weather, mechanical problems, etc. and the airline couldn’t care less that this is your vacation and that you are on a time schedule. I hate being at the mercy of other’s and I feel that flying definitely puts me there and having no back up sucks. So before you book with Allegiant make sure it’s worth it to you. Jonathan said I stressed out so much that he didn’t think it was, haha!

So how bad was the stressing? Well for 3 weeks before the vacation I worried almost constantly. Will there be delays? What will that do to our reservations? How disappointed would the kids be? It went on like that Until I realized that the point of this vacation is to have an opportunity spend time with my family without having to share them with the rest of the world. Between Jonathan’s work and school and my school and schedule with the kids I rarely get to actually see and/or have a conversation with him. And Jake being in school is a big transition for all of us (I still hear daily about how Emma misses Jacob and how she is sad that Jake misses all the fun). The idea that this vacation was just a chance to be together and that Disney was just the setting made everything a lot easier to handle. Way less stress involved. So if the plane was late, it didn’t matter as long as I was with my family. If it rained every day of our vacation, it didn’t matter as long as I was with my family.

Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I am okay with that. Everyone will be better off once that becomes an excepted truth, haha!

Anyway, lucky for us our flight was on time and we didn’t get sick on the plane ride there.

Our flight was at 5:46 and as I had mentioned earlier Emma had spent the last 6 hours throwing up. It was bad milk! I forgot to smell it and it just turned in her stomach. Poor thing. Luckily for us she stopped getting sick just before we entered the airport but it was an amazingly stressful day!

Here is a recap in pictures of all of our traveling days: Emma looks so shocked in the first one. As if she is thinking, “what the heck just happened, I was fine one minute and then I wasn’t”!
What the heck just happened!?rainy take offstorm gathering belowsailing the open airso much excitementwaitingboardingsnack timecheesy fish, cheesy face

As a side note: we are driving next time we go, I hate flying. I hate it with a passion! I get so air sick:(

We Went To Disney!

We just got back from Disney and just letting you know, as a fair warning, that I am going to over blog every thing for the next few weeks. We had an amazing time! I took a butt load of pictures and I am hoping to share most, if not all of them! So let me just apologize in advance:)

Our itinerary looked like this:
Monday – Fly out
Tuesday – Magic Kingdom
Wednesday – Epcot/Food and Wine
Thursday – Magic Kingdom/Micky’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
Friday – Animal Kingdom/Downtown Disney/T-Rex
Saturday – Hollywood Studios/Fantasmic Dinner Plan
Sunday – Magic Kingdom/Resort Pool
Monday – Downtown Disney/Fly home

Let me tell you a little secret, the two things you need to know about me are that 1) I am a total worry wart and 2) I am a major germaphobe. These two things do not go well together when planning a trip. And of course the day we are scheduled to leave Emma gets food poisoning. It was a horrible time of worrying that we had spent all this money and wouldn’t be able to go because she was vomiting everywhere! Plus, no one likes it when their babies are sick:(

Lucky for us she rallied just in time and we were able to have a wonderful vacation! I can’t wait to share it!

First Field Trip!

I can’t get over how excited Jake was to go on his first field trip! Here is the deal though, when he first started school he was so disappointed that we would be walking to and from school instead of riding the school bus. Everyday for the first 2 or 3 weeks, as we walked home from school, he would lecture me on why riding the school bus was superior to walking. So the idea that he was going to FINALLY ride on a big yellow school bus was more exciting to him then where he actually went. The morning of the trip he woke up way earlier than was strictly necessary, bouncing and smiling and giddy with excitement! I couldn’t get him ready for school fast enough for his liking! I couldn’t go on the school bus with them so I decided to leave early and meet them there so I was waiting when the bus pulled up! I wish I could have got a good picture of his face. It was pure joy!

Let it be known that the school bus wasn’t the only fun thing about the field trip, he had a great time at the fair as well as him and his buddy explored “Oklahoma’s Largest Classroom”!

Falling Head First Into The Fall Season!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. With it comes scarves, boots, pumpkins, mums, foliage painted in vibrant colors, hot coffee (which is an anytime of year drink in reality but I digress…) not only that but it is the doorway to the best 3 months of the year! I think that my enjoyment of this time of year rubs off on the rest of my family because we always begin preparing for Halloween about 2 weeks too early. This year is no different. We got out our Halloween decorations yesterday and spent the evening donning our house in spooky trappings. A quick trip to Target and $40 later and Jake was armed with a couple of new items including some bats and a small skeleton (who I think is more of a friend for them than an item of decor). The fall fun didn’t stop there thought, this afternoon while out and about the kid found some pumpkin carving patterns. The immediately led them to wanting to purchase a pumpkin and trying out their carving skills. In the end Jonathan and I ended up doing the majority of the work while the kids “supervised”. I think that Jonathan’s turned out pretty darn well while mine looks more like What the Hell-o Kitty, haha!