Back To School – Time Capsule

My oldest baby is going to school for the first time in a couple of days and I am all kinds of nervous and excited for him! So I thought I would make a time capsule thing to keep a record of my little boy (and I hope to do it every year at least through elementary school)! I came up with a couple of questions, I traced his hand, and added a ribbon showing his current height.

The questions included:

Name: Jacob
Grade: K
Teacher’s Name: fill it in later
My best friend is: Jaxon
My favorite color: Blue
My favorite food: cookies
Best summer memory: Disney
Thing I am most looking forward to: Meeting my teacher
When I grow up I want to be: Astronaut

(oh and I am aware I misspelled questionnaire in the print but I fixed it later)

Link to questionnaire here.

Saying Goodbye to Another Baby Thing

I remember when Jake was small, I was constantly on mommy boards reading about when and how to do things and comparing my son to all the other kids of all the other people. It was exhausting. Is my kid transitioning to a crib along with his peers? My kid won’t take a sippy as well as her kid. All the other moms are talking about potty training. I look over at my son, hiding in the corner and peeing his diaper and wonder is my kid ready for that? My kid still thinks that there is no number 8 when counting from 1-10. I wonder if that means I am failing him as a mother?

Like I said, exhausting.

The second time was better. With Emma I would still read the forums but I wouldn’t panic when she didn’t meet up nor I would I feel prideful when she was ahead. It finally clicked that kids will do things when kids are ready to do things and not a moment sooner.

That is why Emma has slept with a binky every single night for the past 3.5 years and Jake only took one until he was 2.5. The rush wasn’t there. I knew that for the good of her teeth I should probably get around to helping her ditch the habit but it was always a tomorrow thing. I can admit that I was afraid to do so. She is a really good sleeper (knock on wood) and Jake is a really bad sleeper and I didn’t know what the lack of binky would do for my really good sleeper. Well last night I took the plunge. I put her to bed without it. I tucked her in and neither one of us mentioned it so I just rolled with it. She went to sleep at the normal time and only woke up once last night lamenting the fact that her binky was gone and that she couldn’t sleep without it. Hopefully this is the beginning of a wonderful break up!

Lilac Bush Under Siege

When I walked outside yesterday I saw right away that something had been at my lilac bush. Animal droppings littered the ground and leaves were stripped from the twigs. First thing that came to mind were rabbits. We have tons of them around here and they are usually the culprit if foliage is missing. Upon closer inspection I found a caterpillar, posed victoriously on the tip of a stick that was efficiently relived of all its leaves. I was livid, I love that lilac bush! I felt like going all wicked witch on them! Oh yes, I would get those pretties!

Jake was outside when I made this discovery so I was faced with a conundrum. Although I was angry I didn’t wand to kill them, even if they are dirty moths in the making (did I mention that I have a fear of moths?). But Jake wanted to keep them as pets. So I snipped the stick that they were dangling on and took them inside to find a mason jar. I regretted that instantly.

Did you know that the only things that caterpillars do are eat, climb and crap? So I spent the whole day turning the sticks that they were perched on upside once they climbed to the top to eat the leaves, then they would eat the leaves at the bottom for a few minutes, crap, and start climbing back up. All day long, eat, crap, climb, eat, crap, climb. And I couldn’t find anything to cover the mason jar! And I couldn’t find anything to make a lid with! I think the kids hid all my mason jar lids and I am the queen of being out of cling wrap.

Anyway, long story short, as soon as Jake’s back was turned those suckers went out for a long walk and got a little lost.

This Is What July Looked Like

Summer is almost over. Jake starts school for the first time next month – a kindergartener! I can’t believe it’s that time in our lives already. But that’s in the future, however close it may be. For now it’s about being a kid and loving summer!

This is what our July looked like. (some of these are repeats but I just don’t care <3 )

Bubbles.  Dress up.  Playing outside.  Fireworks with friends and family.  Splash parks.  Princess camp.  Sprinklers.  Pen pals.  Tomatoes and flowers and rain.  Record lows.  Sweltering highs.  Drawing the super moon.  Coffee houses.  The drive in.  Bubble painting.  Beautiful skies.  Swimming.  Fighting.  Laughing.  Playing.  Living!


A side note – am sure you are getting tired of me mentioning this but I love the fuji! Only 2 of these were taken with my big camera. Can you guess which two?