A Beautiful Beginning to Ballet!

So Emma and Kenzie started their first ballet class yesterday! Both girls were absolute dolls, prancing around in their little tutus, eyes watching every move the teacher did! AH! It was almost too much cuteness in one room.:)

This is what August looked like!

I know I’ve said it over and over again but I’m ridiculously busy now that school has started so I’ve hardly picked up my camera. I hope that changes. Anyway, six days late and a dollar short but here are the random photos I managed to take last month.

Picking flowers. Backyard camping. Lazy days. Growing up. Video games. Birthday parties. Carnivals. Face painting. Bounce U. Car rides. Kisses. Ballet.

New Ballet Costume

With Jake starting school and me going back to school it’s been awhile since I picked up a camera (forget about blogging anything) but I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by to not document this! We went to get Emmy’s ballet costume yesterday. She was so excited to be there. We tried on a couple of pairs of shoes, a couple of leotards, and debated on whether or not she liked leg warmer (I did, she did not). She felt like a true little princess! When her daddy came home that night she had to try on the outfit for him after which she spent the next 20 minutes with her eyes shut tight, dancing her little heart out for him! It was absolutely precious! I think she’s going to rock this ballerina thing!

Back To School – Time Capsule

My oldest baby is going to school for the first time in a couple of days and I am all kinds of nervous and excited for him! So I thought I would make a time capsule thing to keep a record of my little boy (and I hope to do it every year at least through elementary school)! I came up with a couple of questions, I traced his hand, and added a ribbon showing his current height.

The questions included:

Name: Jacob
Grade: K
Teacher’s Name: fill it in later
My best friend is: Jaxon
My favorite color: Blue
My favorite food: cookies
Best summer memory: Disney
Thing I am most looking forward to: Meeting my teacher
When I grow up I want to be: Astronaut

(oh and I am aware I misspelled questionnaire in the print but I fixed it later)

Link to questionnaire here.