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    My name is Becca and I am a stay at home mom to two little balls of energy! I love photography, crafts, simple living, cooking, home decorating, and so much more! So come on in, take off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and stay awhile!

It’s crazy to think that this awesome park is just a little over an hour away from Tulsa. It seriously feels like another world!

I’m kind of sad to say that this was the first real hike we took the kids on. Jonathan works so much, Emma is such a klutz and Jake is such a home body that we have just been putting it off for way to long! Finally we just decided to do it! We packed the car with an awesome little picnic (we forgot the blanket but that didn’t matter), and drove to Natural Falls State Park! It was a perfect day for it! Everyone else thought so too so there was quite a few people there but that didn’t bother us in the slightest! The kids traversed the trails like rock stars! And Emma is begging to go camping for real! I’m so excited to maybe have a little buddy who likes nature as much as I do!

natural falls state parknatural falls state parkbottom of the fallskiss kisspretty little ladyBest friendsHugsNatural BridgeSilly kidsSo excited!blue reflectionFlowersnatural fallsnatural falls


We spent spring break just enjoying time around the new house. The weather was getting warmer and so we played outside a lot. The kids decided that they wanted to make homemade cake pops, so we did! I think this little activity is what made them both decide what they want to be when they grow up. Emma wants to run a bakery, she is going to name it Nu Nu’s Bakery and is going to specialize in cupcakes. Jake will have his main restaurant right next door to her bakery. It will be located in France (he’s informed me that since he wants his main restaurant in France he will have to learn French so I will have to learn French). It will serve fish hamburgers and orange juice and milk, but no water. And for dessert they can have a choice of one of Emma’s yummy cupcakes. He also said that as soon as his restaurant in France takes off that he will then have restaurants all over the world.:)So cute! I am going out to buy him a cookbook soon and I am going to have him start cooking one or two meals a month for us. I will have him pick the meal he wants to cook, go to the grocery store an pick out all the ingredients (this is something that not even Jonathan can do, I have yet had him bring home a good avocado, haha), and then cook it. He’s so excited! I’m also going to teach Emma to bake cupcakes (wish us luck, I am an awful baker).

Cake poplick the spoon time!decorating cake popssprinkles!caughtCake pop, nom nomFlat Stanley Loves Cake Popsgood morningup to no goodUnder the sea funSilly girlhappy little ladysillybubble gun funStraight at youBubbles


I was taught this a while ago. I don’t know how many people know about it or use it, I’m probably the last to discover it (I usually am) but I thought I would share just incase someone is slow to the show like I am! It doesn’t work perfectly all the time but I do find when I need to get around the one hundred billion stray hairs that fly in every direction on my sons head I can either take a tiny soft black brush and a couple of hours (maybe I’m exaggerating on how long it takes but it’s slow and tedious) and mask off each hair or I can try this and hopefully save some time.
First I take the photo and go to the quick selection tool and I make my selection. Once the selection is made go to the refine edge button at the top and press it.
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.03.55 PM

If it’s not there already then switch to the black and white view mode at the top. This is what it should look like.
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.11.33 PM

Just to give you an idea of what we are working with this is the top of my son’s head and as you can see I wasn’t exaggerating too much when I said he had a hundred billion stray hairs.
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.12.03 PM

Run the cursor (it’s the button on the pop up screen that looks like a brush on top of a line) around the side of the head and you will see the mask start to show the small hairs. Be careful to not run it too much on the actual white part because then black with start to show through.
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.15.21 PM

When you exit refine radius tool your mask will now look similar to this (notice how it has encompassed a lot more of his stray hairs). Even though it looks like it didn’t get all of the little ones go ahead a run a white brush around the edge.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 8.19.35 AM

If you push alt/option and click the mask then you will see that this is now your mask and it’s a lot better. You might need to still do a little bit of tweaking.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 4.20.20 PM

And that’s it! I hope this is useful for somebody, somewhere!


I hate moving.

I know nobody really likes it (well maybe there is SOMEONE out there SOMEWHERE who likes it) but I am sure that I hate it more, haha.

We had, what felt like, a never ending closing. We sold the house in 3 weeks and our closing lasted more than twice that. And even though I didn’t pack everything until about a week or so out it felt horrible being in flux that long (especially since I am a creature of routine and order – I NEED it). So needless to say as soon as closing day hit I was ready for everything to go back to normal (a new normal, but still normal). I have spent the last 4 days in a frenzy of sorting, unpacking, hanging, and cleaning. It’s no where near perfect but at least I am not digging out of a box for every single thing. I swear, if I had to say “that’s packed” one more time to Emma should would have screamed. Also, it’s amazing how much happier the kids are now. They didn’t like being in flux anymore than I did but man was it playing havoc on their moods. So even though we hit a couple of really large bumps towards the end of this ordeal, everyone┬áis very pleased with the new house! Here are a few pictures (haha, ‘few’ I can never do a few of anything) of new place. It’s a work in progress but I think it’s going to be quite awesome when it’s all said and done!

Emma thought it was hilarious to play in the boxes.
moving day
Taking a break before packing some more!
a break while moving
Moving is boring!
Moving is boring!

The new digs!

wsnew house-5wsnew house-11wsnew housewsnew house-2wsnew house-3wsnew house-4wsnew house-23wsnew house-25wsnew house-24wsnew house-10wsnew house-9wsnew house-7wsnew house-19wsnew house-12
There is so much light in this house!
wsnew house-20
coffee cart with really bad coffee ‘art’
wsnew house-6
wsnew house-28wsnew house-22wsnew house-27wsnew house-26wsnew house-15wsnew house-14
We went 4 years without a dresser because we used the dresser space in the old room for the office. So when we moved into this house we told ourselves that we would get one. Little did I know how damn expensive they are. So I ended up getting a cradenza or whatever those fancy dancy things are called and using it as a dresser. Super cute and less than half the price!
wsnew house-18
wsnew house-16wsnew house-17wsnew house-21

Not pictured: office (just imagine a bomb went off in a room with a couple of desks, a loveseat, and a couple computers and you’ve got the idea) and the kids and guest bathroom (it’s a room with a sink, tub, and toilet – nothing fancy:))

  • Alison - March 17, 2015 - 2:29 pm

    The new place looks AMAZING! Congrats!ReplyCancel