A Felt Rain Cloud or The $0.40 Craft or What Happens When You’re Bored

I haven’t done any crafting all summer, which is a disappointment because I had plans! BIG PLANS! Well, yesterday I tried to break the cycle and make a little something for Emma’s room. She loves rain (just like her parents) and so I thought I would make her a…rain…thing…to hang on her wall so she can have “rain” all the time.:)

It was a super easy craft that I cut out free hand and hand sewed with a running stitch. After a quick jaunt to the back yard to find a stick to hang it on I had myself a cute rain cloud to add to her art wall. Best part is that it only cost me about 40 cents to make it! Now I can’t say that I didn’t get any crafting done this summer, haha!

The Same Freckle

This is something stupid, something only a mother would notice (and love) and something that might change as the kids get older and their bodies grow and stretch and change. That’s why I want to record it now. Under their left eye they have the exact same freckle in almost the exact some place and I love it! A tiny little thing, significant to no one but me! But so cute!

Drive In Movies

Yesterday we loaded the family up and met some friends over at the drive-in so the kids could watch the new Planes! This was the first time I had been to the drive-in in such a long time. It’s been so long that the last movie I remember seeing there was Casper (ah, memories!). We had such a nice time! The new screen is so much nicer than it was back then and the kids enjoyed being able to run around and play if they needed it! They also thought sleeping in the trunk was a fun little novelty! All in all I think the trip was a great success and everyone is looking forward to going back!

As a side note, this is the drive in that the Outsiders was shot at. I used to love that book as a kid!

As a side, side note, these were all shot with my fuji x-e2. I can not tell you how much I am loving this little camera! I want to shout my love for it from the roof tops, haha! I hardly pick up my dslr anymore! If anyone is looking for a camera that offers both picture quality and portability then look no further.

Princess Camp

On Wednesday Emma and her best friend went to princess camp! They got to write letters to their favorite princess, do crafts, learn a couple of dances, meet Bell, Cinderella, and Arial, and eat cupcakes and punch! They had so much fun and both were amazingly adorable! When Emma went up to take her turn talking to a princess she would say in a tiny, shy voice that her name is, “Emma Owivia”and then she would show off her Princess Sophia dress! Sooooo cute!