Morning Popsicles…

…because doesn’t everyone let their kids have popsicles for an after breakfast snack? It was a special treat because I forgot to give it to them the night before after I promised them one (and they forgot to remind me about it every .25 seconds like they usually do so…)

As a bonus, last year my they couldn’t stand popsicles. Since I know they like them this year I think we will make homemade ones and try to sneak some servings of fruit in those sucker!

And finally, notice that I only have pictures of Emma eating her popsicle. This is because when I gave Jake his, he ran off to the corner talking about his precious all Gollum like and promptly devoured it.

(P.S. I love that Em’s hair is such an untamable force!)

Summer Bucket List – 2014

It’s that time again! This is the third year in a row that I have done the “summer bucket” list so I think it’s safe to say that this a tradition! Here is the list from 2012 and 2013. This is my favorite to date and now that the kids are getting older celebrating summer is going to be so much fun! The weather is already starting to get warmer and the evenings are full of beautiful sunsets spent outside! I can’t wait to start diving into all the fun that summer has to offer!


Felt Fishing Set (For Two)

More felt fun in the form of fishing!:P

I decided to make Jake and Emma some imaginative play sets. This is the first of (hopefully) several. For this set I made a fish basket to hold their catch, 6 magnetic fish (three each), two fishing rods with magnetic hooks (they picked the colors), and a pond with 3-D rocks! They love it! Honestly, they like it more than I thought they would! Which makes me happy because this took quite a bit of time!

Felt Bandaids

I’ve been doing some crafting here and there even though school is back in session. Besides sewing dresses, I have been really liking felt crafts. Since Em is so into Doc McStuffins, fixing up boo-boos and all that other jazz I thought it would be fun to make her some felt bandaids. For added fun I was able to placed them in an old bandaid tin that my mom had (thanks mom)!

They were super simple to make. For each bandaid I just needed two tan felt “bandaid” shapes, a tan rectangle, a heart, and a cream rectangle. I sewed the heart to the tan rectangle and then the tan rectangle got sewed to the top bandaid shape. The cream rectangle then got sewed the bottom bandaid shape and both bandaid shapes got sewed to each other. (I swear it was easier than I just made it sound, haha!)