The Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory

Our resort didn’t have a full restaurant but it did have its own little quick service eating area that served breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory, named as such because of the river that runs around the disney resorts/down town disney and for the fact that the theming is based off a warehouse that stores the float props for a Mardi Gras parade, is a fun little place to eat!

We had two meals there but I only took pictures of the first one. The kids were so funny when we walked in, they marveled at all the things hanging from the ceiling!

It’s a perfect restaurant for kids to wait for their food because the props make wonderful I-spy fodder. So we played I-spy while waiting for our food and talked about the crazy face in the corner that was watching us as we did so.

I wish pictures did this justice, the props were HUGE.

SassagoulaHelloIce Cream, You Scream Good DayWaiting on BreakfastBreakfastYum!

Halloween At Magic Kingdom

Our first day at the parks was Magic Kingdom. I’ve been several times to Disney but I’ve never been during a holiday! MAN do they know how to decorate! It makes me really want to see what they do for Christmas (in person that is, I’ve seen pictures of it).

Our first stop, after cup cakes for breakfast, was Enchanted Tales with Belle. We didn’t do it in June when we were there and we really should have because it was super cute! Jake couldn’t stop talking about how we walked through a REAL mirror and went back in time. It was SO magical to watch his reaction because it was so surprising. I knew Emma would like it, I had no idea that Jake would. It also set the tone for the rest of the trip because we found out just how much Emma (and Jake for that matter) likes meeting princesses/characters.

It wasn’t really that crowded so we got to ride tons of rides! Haunted Mansion was Jake’s favorite and The Little Mermaid was Emma’s. This was really the only day out of our whole trip that it rained and it rained quite a bit but it didn’t put a damper on our day as you can tell by the smiles on the kids faces!

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Port Orleans French Quarter Overview

I’ve been to disney a few times and we usually stay off property (which is always really nice) but I am excited to say that I finally got to stay at one of the Disney resorts! After scrutinizing them all we decided to go with the Port Orleans French Quarter resort. The resort looked perfect for us. And it really was!

Apparently it is the smallest resort which I loved because there wasn’t much walking needed to get around and with two kids in tow that’s a definite plus! And since it’s connected to riverside by a short (10-15 minute) walk you can share amenities between both resorts (which we didn’t because there was no need, but you can)!

The theming behind the french quarter is more subtle than a lot of the other Disney resorts but it’s extremely detail-rich. The idea behind the resort is just as the name implies – a reflection of the design and style of New Orleans French Quarter. Situated along the banks of the Sassagoula River, it is chalked full of wrought iron, “gas” street lights, cobblestone, and fun (family friendly) Mardi Gras references.

The pool is home to a giant sea serpent with a water slide tongue and a happy-go-lucky water spouting alligator band.

One of the main things that made us decide to go with the french quarter is the boat transportation to and from Downtown Disney – a nice little ride down the river is a fun excursion! One of the only moderate resorts offering this (Riverside being the other one) it was a real draw! Running from about 10:00 am to 11:30 pm you can enjoy a very relaxing 15(ish) minute ride down the Sassagoula River aboard a ferry boat.

There isn’t a full table service restaurant on the property but there is a quick service place called Sassagoula Float Works Factory, but more on that later.

All in all we had a wonderful stay and would definitely go back! SO NICE!

I wish I would have got a few more shots of the inside but it was really nice (except the beds were harder than I would have thought they would be) but nothing compares to the loveliness of the grounds!
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Flying Out – Using Allegiant Air

I don’t know how many people have heard of Allegiant Air, I just caught wind of them earlier this year, but basically it is a carrier flight that offers fairly inexpensive airfare with a few catches. It flies out from airports only on certain days and only to and from certain cities so it’s very limited in where you can travel. For example the one at our airport only goes from Tulsa to Orlando or Daytona Beach and only flies on Mondays and Fridays. Also, since it’s a smaller airline, if there are any issues that require the plane to be grounded then they can’t just put you on another flight. This is the second time we have flown with them and while it’s pretty much as basic as you can get (the seats don’t recline (or offer any butt padding), no complimentary drinks, no inflight entertainment (unless you count crying/coughing babies)). It is quiet a bit cheaper (about $240 round trip) than other airlines and it runs non stop which is a blessing when you have two tiny little mongrels in tow.

However, because they can’t put you on another flight if problems happen I was very nervous leading up to flying day! So much could go wrong – weather, mechanical problems, etc. and the airline couldn’t care less that this is your vacation and that you are on a time schedule. I hate being at the mercy of other’s and I feel that flying definitely puts me there and having no back up sucks. So before you book with Allegiant make sure it’s worth it to you. Jonathan said I stressed out so much that he didn’t think it was, haha!

So how bad was the stressing? Well for 3 weeks before the vacation I worried almost constantly. Will there be delays? What will that do to our reservations? How disappointed would the kids be? It went on like that Until I realized that the point of this vacation is to have an opportunity spend time with my family without having to share them with the rest of the world. Between Jonathan’s work and school and my school and schedule with the kids I rarely get to actually see and/or have a conversation with him. And Jake being in school is a big transition for all of us (I still hear daily about how Emma misses Jacob and how she is sad that Jake misses all the fun). The idea that this vacation was just a chance to be together and that Disney was just the setting made everything a lot easier to handle. Way less stress involved. So if the plane was late, it didn’t matter as long as I was with my family. If it rained every day of our vacation, it didn’t matter as long as I was with my family.

Yes, I am crazy. Yes, I am okay with that. Everyone will be better off once that becomes an excepted truth, haha!

Anyway, lucky for us our flight was on time and we didn’t get sick on the plane ride there.

Our flight was at 5:46 and as I had mentioned earlier Emma had spent the last 6 hours throwing up. It was bad milk! I forgot to smell it and it just turned in her stomach. Poor thing. Luckily for us she stopped getting sick just before we entered the airport but it was an amazingly stressful day!

Here is a recap in pictures of all of our traveling days: Emma looks so shocked in the first one. As if she is thinking, “what the heck just happened, I was fine one minute and then I wasn’t”!
What the heck just happened!?rainy take offstorm gathering belowsailing the open airso much excitementwaitingboardingsnack timecheesy fish, cheesy face

As a side note: we are driving next time we go, I hate flying. I hate it with a passion! I get so air sick:(